About Juan.

The person behind the brand

After more than 10 years of hard work, learning, trial and error, but also of satisfaction at being able to unite creativity and the desire to shape the ideas of others, juanfreelance was born.

“As the creator and designer of this brand/business, I am simply an instrument to give shape to ideas.”

Juan CarrasqueroJF Founder
Founder, Designer

Juan Carrasquero

I was born in Venezuela in 1990.

Since I was 5 or 6 years old I began to like painting, drawing or everything that had to do with creating, thanks to the support of all my family who were the ones who encouraged me not to lose that taste for art, in the year 2006 I did my first design job for a friend.

This was the beginning of something that as time went by I liked it more and more, I made many mistakes from which I learned, I had unique experiences making designs for people close to my circle.

In 2015 I had to emigrate due to the economic and social situation in my country, and at that time all the experience I had gained in the past years was my chisel and hammer to forge what JuanFreelance is now.

Let the facts answer your questions

I have made a compilation of some of my works trying to cover each of the different branches in which I have skills.


All types of 2D graphic design

Covers, posters, digital or print advertisements, photo restoration, collage, montages and more


Stream overlay design

Overlays for stream , alerts, transitions, covers for social networks


Professional brand design

Logo, clothing, mockups, brand applications, color analysis, typographic analysis


Basic video editing

Video editing for youtube videos, conferences, courses and more


Drawing plans in 2D

Creation, organization and drawing of plans in autocad